Sycamore Court
Supporting Independent Living

Sycamore Court is, we believe, unique because it is owned and managed by the Owners’ Company, Sycamore Court Limited, and this means, owned and managed by people who actually live in the Court.
  • Each apartment holds one share in Sycamore Court Limited – there are no outside shareholders. The shareholders elect their own Board of Directors from resident Owners in the Court and they meet regularly to oversee the Court’s management.
  • Sycamore Court Limited bought the freehold of Sycamore Court in 2005, and, since every Owner has a share in this company, in effect the freehold is shared amongst all the Owners.
  • In 2010 most Owners extended their leases and now have nine hundred and ninety nine year leases from the year of development which was 1992.
  • Sycamore Court Limited employs staff to handle the day-to-day running of the Court and our current Manager, Mrs Debbie Mayhew, has been with us since 1995.