Sycamore Court
Supporting Independent Living

Sycamore Court is a development of privately owned retirement apartments and our aim is to help active older people retain enjoyable independence by providing services such as cleaning, laundry and a midday meal each day if required.

We have a team of excellent staff who provide support and security 24 hours a day and they also remove some of the chores of running a household allowing those who live in the Court to enjoy their retirements to the full.

For full details of the services available please go to our Staffing and Services page.

We understand there is a view that older people should remain in their own homes as long as possible and, while this may be good for some, for others it can be very lonely. People who join us at Sycamore Court often say they are very glad they made the, sometimes difficult, decision to sell their houses in good time and tackle the move. They are also pleased to know that they are protecting their hard earned capital in the value of their apartments.

At Sycamore Court you will still have your own home but with added peace of mind. You have your independence but with the knowledge that you are not alone and that there is support and friendship to hand.